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Welcome to AMRI Saltlake Hospital, a multi-speciality hospital situated at Salt Lake, Kolkata. This state of the art hospital is provided with high-end equipment and a team of dedicated and energetic people ...

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AMRI Hospitals Saltlake

AMRI Hospitals Saltlake

JC - 16 & 17, Salt Lake City
Kolkata - 700 098
Tel:+91-33-6614 7700
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Patients Guide

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Medicine return
At the time of discharge the cost of the unused medicines will be credited in advance to the patient’s bill.
Newspaper delivery in rooms
Mobile Library.
Play room for child patients.
24-hour pharmacy.
Value-added services
Conveniences like car park, total travel and hotel accommodation solutions, telecommunications and video conferences.
Please ensure that you fill up the feedback form before you leave the hospital following discharge.
Patient Care Cell
Patient can get assistance on plan for Care or Treatment.
Financial Packages, Cost, Variables, and relevant implications.
Rights and Responsibilities of patient and their families..
Assistance for you
You can discuss your suggestions or make queries about hospital services to the administration and management.
For all matters relating to general ward/room administration and billing, you may contact the Floor Manager.
For all hospitality and food services, you may contact Manager, Hospitality
For all matters you may contact your Mentor, contact number displayed on the board above your bed head side.
For all matters relating to nursing care, you may contact the Nursing Superintendent.
For all patient services you may contact Manager, Patient Services
For all medical issues you may contact the Medical Superintendent.
Some do’s and dont’s
Smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages are completely prohibited within the hospital premises.
Please do not operate the oxygen/vacuum units yourself.
Please do not wash personal clothes in the hospital premises.
Please do not give any tips to any hospital staff.
All payments and bill settlements must be made at the cash counter only against a proper receipt.
Please maintain silence in the hospital premises.
Complaint/Suggestion Box displayed.
Visitor can drop their comments or can contact Patient Care Cell.
Patients can be admitted 24 hours.
An initial deposit is required at the time of admission.
Full settlement of bills to be done before discharge.
Master and Visa cards are accepted.
Corporate clients : Patients are admitted by a letter from the Company and on the doctor’s recommendation. All documents to be submitted before admission.
Insurance/TPA card holders : Patient admitted by the TPA card can avail of a cashless service subject to approval from the concerned TPA group/insurance Company. The TPA card must be sumitted at the time of admission. The hospital bears no
responsibility for getting an approval and denial of inpatient bill coverage from TPA Group/Insurance Company. In case of
denial in inpatient bill coverage from the TPA Group/Insurance Company, hospital bills are to be settled by paying cash before discharge of the inpatient.
Room transfer : Transfer from one room/ward to another can be done subject to the availability of the required room/bed. For such a transfer, an application is required to be submitted in advance to the respective nursing station.
The staff on your floor will make arrangements for easing the transition from the hospital to your home.
Minimum 2 hours of time is required to complete all formalities prior to discharge.
For a speedy discharge please discuss with the floor manager & your consultant 24 hours in advance.
Hospital check-out time is 12 noon.
Billing is done across 24 hours.
Security deposit paid at the time of admission is adjusted against charges for provided increased services.
During the hospital stay, any outstanding bill amount needs to be cleared within 48 hours.
Your doctor
For any information on your medical investigations, treatment and your length of the stay please discuss with your consultant under whom you have been admitted.
You can select hot, fresh and nutritous meals of your choice from our menu. A dietician will evaluate your nutritional status
in consultation with the doctor.
Please inform the dietician of any existing food allergies or special dietary restrictions.
Please have meals on time : This will help us administer medications at the correct time.
Patients admitted after lunch/dinner hours will not be provided with lunch/dinner. However, snacks and light refreshments will
be provided.
Food for the patient’s attendant is provided in only single rooms, deluxe rooms, super deluxe rooms and suite rooms
at reasonable cost.
Food Service timings
Bed Tea : 6.30 am to 7.00 am.
Breakfast : 8.00 am to 8.30 am.
Lunch : 12.30 pm.
Tea : 3.30 pm to 4.00 pm.
Dinner : 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm.
Health Drink : 9.30 pm to 10.20 pm.
General Guidelines
Outside food is not allowed for the patients except in certain situation by the written permission of treating Consultant and
Flowers are not allowed in patient areas.
Patients are required to buy medicines from the hospital pharmacy during the hospital stay. Outside medicines are
strictly not allowed.
Photography in hospital is Prohibited & cameras can be confiscated by Security if anybody is found using it.
Attendant and Visitor passes are to be returned at the time of discharge.
Visitors are not allowed to sit on Patient Bed.
Please keep your mobile on silent mode when you visit hospital.
Relatives of the patient seeking to stay in Patient Ground floor lobby are required to take special permission. Seek information
at Front Office.
Safeguarding your property
We do not recommend keeping valuables/large sums of money in the hospital. The hospital will not be responsible for any
loss or damage of such items.
Please follow all staff instructions. AMRI is a ‘no tobacco, smoking, alcohol’ hospital. Please note that telephone calls from the room will be billed automatically per call unit.
Visiting hours - 10.30 am to 11.30 am. Only two visitors per patient is allowed at a time. Children below 12 years are allowed only on Wednesday, Sunday and holidays.
Visiting hours for ICCU/CCU/HDU : 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm. Only one visitor per patient is allowed at a time.
Visitors must not use the patient’s toilet or other articles in the interests of hygiene.
Please do not loiter in the corridor or in the staircase.
Management reserves the right of entry of visitors for the safety of patients.
Please abide by the rules.
Night stay pass : Night stay pass is issued by the Floor Manager for single room, deluxe room, super deluxe room and suite room
Surgical patients
On the day of the patient’s operation, family members are requested to wait in the lobby. Updates on the surgical process will be communicated. When the operation is over, the surgeon will speak to visitors personally.
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